Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

17th Nov 22 -> 18th Nov 22



Visiting Hours is a performance art piece created and performed by Shannon Kurlander

An innovative new device promises to extend human life, but at what cost?

You are invited to witness the test subject. Her days were numbered until she was handpicked for the “opportunity of a lifetime”: take part in an experimental trial for a new implanted device that guarantees to extend lifespan, regardless of condition. The fine print: 1) undergo a strict post-surgical 100 day observation and 2) ask no further questions.

Shannon Kurlander draws inspiration from her own journey with heart disease to explore the human quest for purpose, our complex relationship with safety and the universal lack of control over our physical bodies.

This multidisciplinary collaboration creates an immersive performance art piece that will open your mind and heart.

Artistic Collaborators:

Created & Performed by: Shannon Kurlander

Visual Art: Luke Overin

Music: Mandy, Indiana

Videography: Ella Margolin

Photography: Sandra Ebert

Asst. Director + Guest: Marta Molina

Costume + Makeup: Eddie Langham

Technical Production Manager: Lasse Bohnsack

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