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The Koppel Project (est. 2016) is an arts charity, gallery, and creative hub based in central London. We aim to support early and mid-career artists by offering affordable studio spaces. We also run KOPPEL venues, including both pop-up and long-term white-wall galleries, ideal for hosting exhibitions, innovative brands, and creative entrepreneurs' events and activities.

In addition to our studios, The Koppel Project exhibition and residency programme provides space, funding, and logistical support for staging projects and exhibitions by studio residents, guest artists, and curators. We collaborate with national and international artists, curators, and institutions from a range of disciplines to develop curatorial projects and thoughtful exhibitions that provoke dialogue and generate diversity in the art world. The mission of our programme is to stimulate transformative cultural exchange and extend knowledge and understanding across subjects. The Koppel Project is committed to exploring and sustaining innovative learning solutions through collaboration, hypothesising, experimenting, and ultimately helping to reinvent traditional learning systems.

We are grounded in the brokerage of space, repurposing abandoned buildings and actively aiding and fostering the growth and development of creative communities in London. As such, we are a nomadic organisation, moving from site to site as necessary and adapting creatively to each new set of challenges and opportunities. We have been based in buildings from Baker Street to Stoke Newington, and along the way, we have worked with over a thousand artists, curators, arts organisations, creative brands, charities, and other institutions.

We take great pride in our team's flexibility and creativity, as well as our passion for collaboration and the strong community we've developed over the last eight years.

The Koppel Project is currently based in Hampstead, Chalk Farm, Mayfair, and Kingston.

Rebecca Marcus MonksRebecca Marcus MonksDirector of Operations
Ellen TaylorEllen TaylorOperations Manager
Art HaxhijakupiArt HaxhijakupiProgramme & Communications Manager
Chloë HurstChloë HurstStudios Manager
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