Unity: British and Ukrainian Art

Unity: British and Ukrainian Art

14th Jul 22 -> 16th Jul 22



The Art UnitThe Art Unit

PV 14 July 6-8 pm.

The Art Unit presents Unity: British and Ukrainian Art, The Art Unit’s first pop-up exhibition bringing together works by Ukrainian and British artists.

The exhibition represents a cultural thread between the two countries. Creating impactful and meaningful connections between the artists, their works, and practices. The relationship that has developed between the UK and Ukraine in the past six months created an unbreakable bond. The relationship has strengthened the political, social, martial, and cultural connections between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. We aim to develop that bond by bringing together the works of emerging artists from both countries and displaying them side by side as a display of the unity between two great countries.

Starting a conversation between emerging artists from the two countries and showcasing works by over twenty artists, The Art Unit emphasises the diversity of talent, level of artistic excellence and the need in a cultural dialogue. A select group of paintings and drawings by artists from both countries explore different styles, subject matters, and techniques in contemporary emerging art. By bringing these works together in one space, we help all the artists share their works and have their distinct voices heard. The centrality of art as a reflection of an independent culture and national identity helps highlight both the similarities and differences of the experiences of the artists in both countries.

The Art Unit is an online gallery which sells works by emerging artists through curated releases. Having launched its website in 2021 with a selection of works by Ukrainian artists, The Art Unit is celebrating creativity and diversity of emerging art. The Art Unit values levelling the art playing field: making it more accessible to artists and buyers, and enabling the discovery of new voices.

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