Artist-led Exhibition



3rd May 23 -> 8th May 23

Open 11am-5.30pm. PV 3 May 5.30-8pm.


Simon YatesSimon Yates
Space CollectiveSpace Collective
Andy GrinhamAndy Grinham
Ella ZiminaElla Zimina
Jon FaragherJon Faragher
Mercedes BalleMercedes Balle
Julian WildJulian Wild
Livia SpinoloLivia Spinolo
Martin PirongsMartin Pirongs
Alison HandAlison Hand
Simon Yates
Marina Murvanidze MitchellMarina Murvanidze Mitchell

Does a work of art address the space through its materiality or its emotional value, and does the object define the space or the space define the object?

Space Collective explore these questions through painting, photography, sculpture, print and installation within their inaugural exhibition UnCOMMON GROUNDS, curated by Simon Yates.

Space does not sit passively by as part of our environment, it is both an abstract idea and a physical vital force.

It is durational in its ability to adapt to seasonal change. It is oppressive in its ability to confine and liberating when unrestricted and exposed. It is both permanent and fleeting. It is personal, social and public. It is a place to breathe or reflect.

To place an object in space is to re-align our perceptions of our surroundings and to forgo this primary object is to allow secondary shapes to come into view, making visible what was once concealed.

Space shifts and moves around the body, it clings to us and responds to our movements. It moulds itself around us. The viewer is gradually drawn further into perspective and goes from spectator to participant to co-creator.

Space becomes ephemeral and impermanent.

A simple line can divide a space, creating new spatial relationships. The environment, once offering assurance is now changed and unknown.

Space becomes measurable and punctuated.

Within space, boundaries are drawn that define the lines between rural and urban landscapes, between countries and cultures.

Space becomes permeated with politics.

The work here uses space itself as a medium to explore relationships between place, time and perception and through the work seeks to create, carve, enclose and expose new landscapes.


Space Collective is an inclusive contemporary arts curatorial platform founded by alumni from the Art Academy London.

As a group we are interested in investigating ideas around physical, emotional and political space and exploring spatial relationships between place, time and perception.

Key to our existence is an emphasis on collaborative connections and fostering new conversations. Through these exchanges, ideas expand and evolve, and the dialogue that emerges creates fertile ground for new work.

As part of the collaborative process, our aim is to organise exhibitions with emerging and established artists and give each artist the opportunity to articulate their response to the space.

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