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30th Jun 23 -> 2nd Jul 23

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The Koppel ProjectThe Koppel Project
Amy WigginAmy Wiggin
Megan SharplesMegan Sharples
Emily LazerwitzEmily Lazerwitz
Lise BouissièreLise Bouissière
Pietro MolinarisPietro Molinaris

Enveloped by the extravagance of Mayfair's New Bond Street, TURBOFLAIR emerges as a disruptive convergence, where the profound complexities of artistry intertwine with personal and societal narratives. This inaugural KOPPEL Curates exhibition unites five distinguished artists from The Koppel Project community. At the heart of TURBOFLAIR lies a term that encapsulates the essence of their multidimensional exploration. TURBOFLAIR signifies a confluence of velocity, energy, and distinctive style - a catalyst that propels these artists to transcend borders and push boundaries.

Within the limited physical space of London, where every inch is carefully allocated and commodified, Amy Wiggin navigates the multifaceted network of personal experiences. In her exploration, she delves into the realms that transcend the confines of physicality, the constraints imposed by the city. Amy's artistic escape manifests in the enigmatic presence of Her Lady Horse Ship — a muse that materialised in her dreams and propelled her creative endeavours. Through Her Lady Horse Ship's ethereal embodiment, Amy beckons viewers to traverse the metaphysical realms she meticulously portrays, inviting them to question the boundaries of reality and immerse themselves in the enigmatic spaces where dreams and art intertwine.

Megan Sharples, a London-based artist, channels their creative prowess towards a profound examination of gender identity and the societal impositions placed upon it. One of their notable works, "Buy Some Clippers. Shave Your Head," serves as a poignant exploration of the significance of hair in the construction of gender identity. Megan uses multimedia and textiles to challenge assumptions, revealing the complex relationship between our bodies, attire, and surroundings in shaping self-perception. Emily Lazerwitz, an artist and mathematician, delves into the intricate interplay between belief systems, societal mythologies, and truth. Some of her thought-provoking creations challenge the established narratives surrounding America, including gun ownership and shedding light on the pervasive issue of gun-related violence and its far-reaching consequences. Through her artistic exploration of qualitative and quantitative data, Emily unveils the complexities entwined with this societal quandary, urging viewers to critically assess the cultural significance attributed of guns.

Lise Bouissière unveils an original perspective on space optimisation and the transformative power of materials. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant dynamics of urban and natural environments, Lise melds these contrasting realms within her works. Incorporating salvaged materials and employing modular constructions, she prompts viewers to contemplate themes of disappearance, transformation, and regeneration, thereby inviting a multiplicity of interpretations that reflect the ever-changing urban landscape and its complex relationship with capitalism.

Through his playful and nostalgic recreations of familiar objects, Pietro Molinaris challenges entrenched notions of masculinity and the associated stereotypes. His vibrant canvases employ colours, objects, characters and moments typically divorced from masculine associations. By delving into the intricate layers of perception and identity that manifest through our interactions with objects, Pietro ignites a profound reevaluation of our relationship with the material world.

TURBOFLAIR intends to stimulate critical engagement and serve as a conduit for exploring the interplay between art, materialisation, and urban discourses, intertwining their diverse complexities. Visitors are invited to interrogate prevailing cultural norms, and perceive the world with a fresh lens, thus cultivating a heightened sensibility towards the diverse manifestations of artistic expression in Amy Wiggin’s work, the entwined dynamics of craft and identity formation in Megan Sharples, the societal narratives surrounding violence and America in Lazerwitz, the transformative power of materials and the optimisation of space through Bouissière, and the deconstruction of conventional notions through the recreation of familiar objects in Molinaris. It is within this terrain that TURBOFLAIR reclaims Mayfair, offering a platform to interrogate socio-political constructs that underpin this realm of unapologetic wealth. TURBOFLAIR positions itself as a mischievous interloper and becomes a vehicle for artistic expression to transcend the ostentatious trappings of its surroundings, subverting the very power structures that have long governed this affluent domain.

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