The Village

The Village

30th Mar 23 -> 19th Apr 23

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Persona CollectivePersona Collective

The Village - Site-Specific, Immersive Theatre production in Soho + Chinatown


The Village is a multi-location immersive theatre piece devised and staged by Persona Collective. The audience will find themselves stepping into a multi-sensory intimate journey across multiple secret locations and passageways throughout Soho & Chinatown.

Each group of audience will be following their chosen route/narrative within The Village, whilst witnessing threads of multiple narratives from the other routes throughout their journey. When getting the ticket audience will have to choose which route they want to follow, Three of the routes will take place simultaneously

  1. Fallen
  2. Wheel of Fortune
  3. Red Lights

The organisers will send a personal email to each audience member, giving instructions about their route and the meeting point where their journey will start.


During the past few months Persona Collective have been working closely with the LGBTQ+ communities and Soho’s local businesses & residents. The performers are a diverse and intergenerational group of learners and improvers from the local community and surroundings; since December 2022, they have been training throughout the collective’s programme LOVE+. Some participants have been learning to act, dance and get ready to perform in front of an audience, while other groups have been developing skills in sound & lighting design as part of the live show.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. In Partnership with The Koppel Project.

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