Artist-led Exhibition

There Was A Mountain

There Was A Mountain

17th May 24 -> 21st May 24



This exhibition explores an aspect of the current spiritual landscape of East Asian society through the medium of photography. In 2024, faced with what appear to be unprecedented challenges of our times, this collective seeks to embark on a society-wide "spiritual observation" through the avenue of "art photography." Together with numerous participating artists, they aim to collectively construct a concealed "landscape."

This exhibition is curated by Mudi Zhang / Hidden Mountains Art Common is an internationally oriented, membership-based artistic community with a global perspective. Centered around photography, it serves as a sanctuary of artistic healing for the public amidst the complexities and changes of the world. As a cultural brand founded in China, Hidden Mountains Art Common has long utilised imagery as a medium and community as a base to discover and promote outstanding young Chinese artists. It actively establishes close connections with various media outlets, cultural institutions, publishers, and more, frequently organising and participating in art festivals, exhibitions, book fairs, and other events.

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