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The Dyás & Friends

17th Jul 24 -> 21st Jul 24

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Experience the intersection of art and fashion in Camden this July at The Dyás and Friends.

From the 17th to the 21st of July, The Dyás (a London-based fashion brand) will host a pop-up showcasing some of their favourite local artists’ work alongside a curated collection of responsibly produced fashion items. Transforming the experience of shopping into an immersive journey through the world of London's vibrant scene of emerging artists, The Dyás and Friends brings the gallery to a retail setting.

The Dyás and Friends will also host a range of activities including: an opening event with live music, a candle-making workshop, a panel discussion on local manufacturing, screenings of mini-documentaries, and opportunities to taste locally produced snacks and drinks. So come, enjoy the art, meet the makers, and immerse yourself in London’s creative community!

About The Dyás: The Dyás is a London-based independent brand that turns art into wearable pieces responsibly. With a focus on local manufacturing and low-impact materials, our limited-production items feature unique prints crafted in collaboration with visual artists. At The Dyás, we believe clothing should be treasured like art - and by crafting "art you can wear" we aim to deepen your appreciation and emotional connection with the clothes you wear.

Featured Brands and Artists:

Isla de Gar: Bringing together a love of organic forms with a desire to create low-waste, slow fashion. Each piece is handmade to order in London, signed by the designer, and crafted to last.

Stephanie Sommet: A highly experienced ceramicist with over 15 years of expertise, known for her playful experimentation and unique approach to ceramics.

Rosie Stonham: A designer who brings a conceptual approach to functional objects, inspired by human biology and personal narratives. Her work includes collaborations with high-end homeware brands and manufacturers.

Bea Jareno: An independent jewellery designer based in West London, creating one-of-a-kind pieces using recycled sterling silver and gold. Her work celebrates the beauty of imperfections and breathes new life into heirloom jewels.

Six Dots: A North London-based bespoke furniture maker, known for whimsical and sustainable designs.

Jaclyn Pappalardo: A designer and maker whose work incorporates unconventional techniques, exploring the use of seating as a study of body, shape, and language. Her designs have been featured in renowned publications and galleries.

Phoebe Boddy: East London artist, she comes from a family of creatives. Her style has evolved from large-scale abstracts to a figurative approach, focusing on the duality of strength and femininity in women. Inspired by Western Cowboy culture, her recent works blend cowboy boots and hats with soft, feminine colors, challenging traditional gender roles.

CR1B: A solo female-owned lifestyle brand with an eco-conscious focus. All products are handmade by founder Larelle in small batches in London, creating a place of joy, togetherness and warmth.

Potato Shop: An experimental design practice creating fun, sustainable objects. With a focus on made-to-order production using innovative materials, promoting thoughtful design, conversation, and local impact with a global perspective.

Join Us: Celebrate creativity and community with The Dyás & Friends. Discover artists and find unique pieces that embody responsible design.

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