Soft Spaces

Soft Spaces

7th Mar 23 -> 12th Mar 23

Artist talk & Private View Thur 9th March


Evie MaeEvie Mae
Lydia SmithLydia Smith

Emerging Artists Lydia Smith and Evie Mae Jacobs present their highly anticipated exhibition, "Soft Spaces" at The Koppel Project, New Bond Street. This exhibition features a dialogue between technology and physicality, informed by historical techniques.

Smith and Jacobs create a unique experience for visitors by layering the filters between the digital and physical spaces. Through the manipulation and abstraction of ancient materials, such as clay and oil paint, they have crafted meditative and intimate works that hold the weight of history. The artists have used technology as a tool to look into the future, whilst contextualising their practices in the past. They see the human form as a landscape in which a sense of softness can be discovered.

Lydia Smith has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, had a solo show in Soho with An Effort, and has worked with luxury fashion brand E P O K woman at their flagship store on Grafton Street, Mayfair. Evie Mae Jacobs has had a solo show at 1801 London, a group show at The London Studios, Southbank and has ongoing collaborations with Dior and Guerlain.

The artists met at their studio in Bank, hosted by The Koppel Project, and are grateful to have their support as well as that of their other sponsors.

On the 9th of March, Smith and Jacobs will present an Artist Talk hosted by Alina Daveys, who specialises in Impressionism and Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s. To attend please email softspacesexhibition@gmail.com.

SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS: The Koppel Project, LDN CRU, Art Plugged, The Eaton Fund, Walters Cube, Mayfair Art Circle, AMLY, E P O K women, Seen the Stories, Noah Tjijenda, London Women Leading Web 3, WAAW London, Blow Out Magazine.



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