Soft Dreams

Soft Dreams

26th May 24 -> 26th May 24

2.30pm - 5pm


Katie SchreiberKatie Schreiber
Marie MalhamMarie Malham

Join us for an interactive and collaborative workshop at The Koppel Project Station. This in-person event is the perfect opportunity to explore how movement and materials can be used in combination with the body to reflect on your sense of home and community.

Participants will be interacting with soft sculptures synonymous with a nomadic existence; think textiles and flat pack items as mediums with which to reflect on the themes of migration, autonomy, & self-actualisation.

By focusing on the mundane spots in our homes; as sites to reimagine & re-create, participants are encouraged to reflect on areas of self care & nurture needed to thrive in the domestic setting and beyond.

The workshop will consist of some mindful movement exercises, material experimentation, contact improvisation and creative writing.

  • Bring water bottles and something to write with
  • Snacks and a cup of tea provided
  • Dress is comfortable clothes you can move in
  • Suggested donation £6

This workshop is facilitated by Katie Schreiber and Marie Malham.

Katie Schreiber is a visual artist exploring the notion of projected and innate identity through the mediums of body adornment, installation, and soft sculpture.

Marie Malham is a performing artist who also facilitates workshops in various creative disciplines, such as acting, writing, and dance.

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