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Fleur BloemsmaFleur Bloemsma

This durational performance will be held every day and will feature Fleur recovering from a double mastectomy. Aiming to connect people from cis-hetero normative realities to the truths of what it is to be trans, during the residency, Fleur invites visitors to sit at the end of their bed and ask questions about their life as a transgender person. Whether one wishes to listen and learn or ask questions, Fleur offers a unique opportunity to engage human-to-human in a safe and open environment.

This is a unique and powerful opportunity to learn and understand the world of being trans, and to gain insight from an individual who personally understands the realities of being transgender. The Koppel Project Station encourages guests to take part in this opportunity to foster meaningful connections and conversations in a comfortable setting.

Originally Dutch, Fleur Bloemsma (1998) was born and raised in Portugal till the age of 15 then moved to the UK in hopes of finding community. Studied Performance, Design & Practice at Central Saint Martins (2017-2020) where they wrote 3 plays and started their practice of underground performance art in clubs, empty building sights and queer pubs in London focusing on the cross overs of BDSM and art. Fleur graduated and won the Dean's award with their film “nothing new by nobody special” with their artistic partner at the time.`

After graduating they started a milliner brand Dr.creatur3 during Covid to make ends meet and ended up making hats and outfits for drag queens and celebrities and being in magazines such as Vogue, Dazed, Bricks, the face or Asbo. In 2021-2022 they paired up with a 7-instrument band called “Meggie Brown” and was a dancer for a year around London with a combination of contemporary dance dressing up and striping always leaving the stage covered in white paint and have been featured at Glastonbury festival 2022.

Moving from that they carried out putting their work in exhibitions and even curated their own exhibitions. These exhibitions are with trans/non-binary artists on old street under an organisation they co-created called @transfunds4london. Supporting trans people to be able to afford trans surgeries.

Fleur’s has also featured in ‘The otherness archive’ exhibition and in electroworks exhibitions. They also are working in the music video industry. Fleur has been directing music videos and participated in set making/ styling from other productions.

Fleur is currently moving into documentary filmmaking on trans/non-binary people and another documentary on Queer families and what they can look like for the year (2023), as well as this they will be joining an artist residency called Darp living with other like-minded artists creating new work too showcase in London later this year.

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