Make Your Own Miniature Armchair + Talk from Sue Kreitzman

Make Your Own Miniature Armchair + Talk from Sue Kreitzman

8th March 23

11am-2.30pm or 3.30pm-7pm. Click RSVP for tickets!


Elizabeth JosephElizabeth Joseph
Sue KreitzmanSue Kreitzman

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2023: Make Your Own Miniature Georgian Armchair - With a talk from Artist and Fashion icon Sue Kreitzman

This Workshop is designed and facilitated by Miniaturist Elizabeth Joseph, who was selected to take part in the Channel 4 Show 'Sandi Toksvik's Mini Christmas Challenge'. She has also been featured in Dollshouse & Miniature Scene Magazine and Shrunk Magazine, as well as running miniatures Workshops at The Museum of the Home and the London Dollshouse Showcase.

During the workshop, she will share her knowledge, creative process and talk about the different techniques you can use if you wish to start making miniatures yourself.

African Wax Print fabric and a miniature fabric print of one of Sue's paintings will upholster your Miniature Chair. Sue will talk about her mythical painting 'Warrior Mermaid' who fights for women's rights.

Measurements of the Chair: Height: 14cm, Width: 9cm, Depth: 6.5cm.

All materials are provided, and gift box. Plywood pieces, African Wax Print fabric, adhesive, foam, printed paintings.

During the Workshop: An Interview with Sue Kreitzman

Sue Kreitzman is an outsider Artist, Curator and Fashion icon. She will be interviewed during the Workshops about her use of International fabrics in what she wears, her individual fashion journey, and why she chose her painting 'Warrior Mermaid' for this Workshop.

Sue Kreitzman's painting: 'Warrior Mermaid' will be miniaturised and printed onto fabric. You can use it along with colourful African Wax print fabric, to decorate your miniature chair.

Sue Kreitzman will be interviewed as part of each Workshop.

Sue says: "My painting 'Warrior Mermaid' represents women's eternal fight for equal rights. The watermelon shield symbolises the struggle against misogyny and racism. And her sword symbolises a women's strength and determination. My paintings, drawings, and Memory Jugs concern themselves almost entirely with the female landscape. They are all about womanhood with all its joys and sorrows. Mostly the colourful joy and unfettered femaleness of it all, although often there's quite a bit of blood. I borrow Goddesses and other female characters from all religions and mythologies and remake them for my own private mythology. This is unabashed syncretism. An age old practice."

Take your miniature chair home in a Gift Box.

Price per person:


Minimum Age: 18

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- Interview with Sue Kreitzman

- Make your own Miniature Georgian Chair Workshop

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