Light and Colour

Light and Colour

6th Nov 22 -> 7th Nov 22

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Oxana Klip and Natalia Lapotko met at Charles H. Cecile studio in Florence. Both artists went to Florence to develop their academic skills and take inspiration from the great old masters.

In her practice, Oxana focuses on portraits, plain air and live observation studies, capturing the real life beauty of nature; whilst Natalia explores historical legacy through a contemporary take on figurative art.

Oxana has started her artistic journey at Central Saint Martins college in London where she studied artefacts and spacial installations. Then she obtained a Bachelor Degree with Honour in Interior Architecture from The University for Creative arts. After that she studied portraiture and figurative art at Heatherleys School of Art and later pursued her passion with 2.5 years course at Charles H. Cecil atelier in Florence. She is currently studying at Saint Petersburg Academy Of Art. Oxana is based in London where she works from her studio on portrait commissions and plenaries paintings.

‘As a painter , I believe that the main purpose of my art is not only to reflect the reality of the surroundings but to create art as a reflection of people’s characters and personalities, showing and multiplying the beauty of the world. My aspiration is for my art to bring joy and a little artistic heaven into people’s lives’.

Natalia read History at the University of Cambridge before pursuing her passion in art. Natalia studied at Svetlana Gorina’s studio in Moscow and St Petersburg Academy’s branch in Florence.

Natalia’s background has led her to explore historical, social and political themes in her work. She draws inspiration from techniques of old Renaissance masters, reimagined through modern light.

In the past three years, Natalia has been focusing on her series ‘Dark Past - Uncertain Future’ dedicated to her hometown Moscow, Soviet legacy and troubled Russian History.

‘For me, art is freedom and for this reason I prefer a bold and expressive style. I love exploring uneasy and at times unsettling themes to get a sense of relief and understanding of this chaotic world’.

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