Studio Exhibition

Life Room

Life Room

6th Nov 23 -> 7th Nov 23

1-6PM. PV: Sunday 5 Nov 4-7PM


Anastasia RussaAnastasia Russa
Jane JohnsonJane Johnson
Heini KingHeini King
Corrie WingateCorrie Wingate
Andrea HaineAndrea Haine
Justin PipergerJustin Piperger
Clare ElliottClare Elliott
Belinda Nathan Belinda Nathan

Life Room showcases mixed-media drawings from life-drawing sessions held at the community room of The Koppel Project Station between September 2022 and October 2023.

The drawings come out of evening sessions self-organised by a group of artists for whom drawing the nude is an integral part of their art practice. For us the life model is one of the artists. The foundation for our sessions was respect, as much for the artistry of the person modelling, as of the people drawing: the result is an encounter of reciprocity.

There are many reasons for taking on the challenge of drawing from the body: honing the skills required to capture the essence of each movement; learning to externalise bodily experience; developing the concentration that life-drawing requires; and regularly getting together with colleagues.

Life Room is a record of these sessions: each work is an exercise in capturing a moment of time in drawing.

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