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15th Sep 23 -> 6th Oct 23

Weekdays: 12pm-6pm, Wednesdays by appointment.

KOPPEL Collective

The Koppel ProjectThe Koppel Project
Astrid ChungAstrid Chung
Abhaya RajaniAbhaya Rajani
Elleanna ChapmanElleanna Chapman
Abi OlaAbi Ola
Giacomo LayetGiacomo Layet
Tom RTom R

The Koppel Project is thrilled to announce an exhibition showcasing the creative talents of artists currently working within the historic holding cells at The Koppel Project Station, in addition to marking the inauguration of its new space in Chalk Farm KOPPEL Collective. This exhibition brings together six artists whose diverse practices promise to engage and inspire the Camden community and beyond.

Astrid Chung - An interdisciplinary artist with a background in psychology and political advocacy, Chung's work delves into the personal and social human experience. Using traditional handicraft mediums like clay and textile, Astrid creates visceral representations of emotions and connections. Through autoethnography and archival documentation, Astrid transforms clay and textile into tangible expressions of what it means to be human.

Abhaya Rajani - A dalit queer feminist artist and educator based in London, Abhaya is dedicated to developing anti-caste consciousness through various mediums, including films, workshops, and participatory research. Abhaya's work challenges oppressive Euro-centric and Brahminical pedagogy, striving to create safe spaces for resistance and empowerment.

Elleanna Chapman - An interdisciplinary artist with a penchant for political activism, Elleanna's practice combines kitsch aesthetics with a militancy that refuses to be ignored. Through collages, prints, and site-specific projects, she aims to foster community connections and empower local youth through art.

Abi Ola - A multidisciplinary artist specialising in painting, screen printing, fabric collage, and installation. Abi Ola’s faceless portraits invite viewers to project themselves into the artwork, drawing inspiration from family photographs, textiles, and her own imagination.

Giacomo Layet - A multidisciplinary artist residing in London, Giacomo's work transforms mundane objects and materials into suggestive forms, blurring the line between reality and imagination. His practice is a testament to the power of personal narratives expressed through found objects.

Tom R - Born and raised in London within a working-class Irish community, Tom's artistic and literary exploration captures the essence of daily life against the backdrop of contemporary challenges, from climate crises to political fallacies.

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