I didn’t know how to make a poster… until this free workshop

I didn’t know how to make a poster… until this free workshop

23rd September 23



Elleanna ChapmanElleanna Chapman

Join other local creatives and artist-in-residence Elleanna Chapman for this free poster-making workshop.

  1. Create collages for your poster using magazine clippings and archival photos. Double points if you bring your own clippings or photos!
  2. Write an accompanying slogan for your poster, to accompany your beautiful collage. It can be revolutionary, silly, campy… whatever your heart desires.
  3. Talk! Discuss your slogans, images, collages in an informal environment with other poster-makers. Have a chat about life, about being an artist etc. Community-Building/Friendship-Making is always encouraged 🎀

After the workshop, our community made posters will be scanned and copied. As well as being shared online, you may be able to spot them fly posted around Hampstead too.

(Did someone say guerrilla style public art??)

Original posters will be available to collect on the 1st of October!

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