Independent Exhibition

How to Play Hopscotch?

How to Play Hopscotch?

3rd Mar 24 -> 5th Mar 24

PV Saturday 2 March 6-9PM

KOPPEL Collective

How to Play Hopscotch? is an exhibition featuring 9 artists from the West Secret Society (WSS) funded by Slade EDI fund. The exhibition presents a selection of works adopting various mediums including sculpture, video art, painting and performances exploring the conversational quality of the co-existence of artists with drastically different practices and perspectives.

Live Performance by Short Air from 7pm.
Curated By: Bowen Zhang and Kiki Ruoqi Wang
Supported by WSS artist-led critique and Slade EDI Fund

The West Secret Society (WSS) is an artist-led critique group that provides a safe and valid space for Mandarin-speaking artists from all backgrounds, transcending Eurocentric norms prevalent in traditional critiques. Their sessions prioritise cultural resonance, fostering meaningful discussions and empowering underrepresented voices. By centring on the experiences of marginalised groups, they challenge the status quo and promote inclusivity. Additionally, WSS offers support for non-native English speakers, helping them to structure their artistic ideas and navigate English-speaking environments confidently. Through advocacy, empowerment, and community-building, WSS strives to create a more equitable artistic landscape where diversity thrives.

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