Private View

FINISSAGE of What We Thought We Knew

FINISSAGE of What We Thought We Knew

28th July 23




You're invited to the FINISSAGE of our exhibition What We Thought We Knew. This event marks the culmination of an extraordinary exhibition by the AN-X Group.

And discover more earlier on the day from 3pm to 5pm! Join an experimental co-writing project with some of the exhibition artists. Limited spaces available - Register now!

This exhibition marked the inaugural exhibition of An-X, featuring the works of 15 An-X artists. The exhibition questions the foundations of belief and the formation of knowledge systems, examining their impact on both individuals and society. It interrogates the perspectives through which we view the world, raising questions across three themes: Cosmic Gardens mixes symbols of ancient myths and contemporary beliefs; Day For Night challenges our perception of reality and time, examining the process of image-making through documents of the past; and Social Construction digs into social constructs to raise the voices of the marginalised.

The paintings, prints, sculptures, videos, photographs and site-specific installation in this exhibition are presented in the unique context of a decommissioned grade II listed Police Station (The Koppel Project Station), where the cells, fingerprint room and reception areas further enhance the themes. This setting reveals artists reconstructing nature, artists manipulating marks to show facets of identity, artists feeling the darkness of alienation while others search for the light.

An-X is an experimental platform engaging in critical discussion, networking, and exhibiting. An-X creates opportunities for the wider group of 75 artists (all current and former CSM students) to develop their practices, including providing a communal space to engage with a wider public.

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