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This workshop offers a unique opportunity to create your own custom shoes in your unique style!

You will learn how to transform a dull pair of shoes into the shoes of your dreams. The idea is to recycle a pair of shoes that you no longer use. You can bring shoes that you aren't using anymore, find them in the street or in your local charity shop. The goal is to demonstrate how you can use materials to enhance an old shoe that no longer serves its purpose and turn it into something that fits your style. You don't have to finish the shoe during the workshop. The most important thing is to gain the confidence and attitude to try and recreate old shoes. It will be an experimental experience that will allow you to apply this method to any items.

The workshop will last for 3 hours, with a 30-minute break.

Materials needed:
- Shoes
- A4 sketchbook/papers
- Paper scissors (provided)
- Fabric scissors (provided)
- Glue (provided)
- Threads (provided)
- Needles of different sizes (provided)
- Fabric and bristol boards
- Dressmaker pattern paper (provided)

- Osnaburg Cotton Fabric (provided)
- Fabric scraps and other materials

Please bring your shoes and materials that you are interested in working with.

About the Facilitator

Munisa’s works are mainly inspired by surrealism, horror, and fantasy, with a twist of humour. She creates graphic characters from the imagination as a way to express her trauma experience and to create prints and new shapes. She believes that the inner world of humans is complex of characters that change all the time. Throughout her childhood and adulthood, she experienced various forms of lack of acceptance. As part of her creation, she wants to empower those who feel those feelings in our society! MUNISA always aims to give alternatives to the customer while maintaining originality and uniqueness.

“Life is like a Spellbound, Choose the recipes for your spells!”.

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