Counterfeit by OPENing

Counterfeit by OPENing

9th Feb 23 -> 17th Feb 23

9th Feb & 16th Feb 4pm-8pm | 10th Feb & 17th Feb 1pm-6pm



Private View: Feb 9th and 16th 5-8pm

Live Music Event: Feb 9th 6-7pm

OPENing’s upcoming student project aims to create a site-specific exhibition, presenting multimedia pieces: 2D work alongside sculpture, video, sound, and performance. The proposal is to explore the concept of encounter through the play and investigation of two formalised spaces: the bank and the exhibition. As we anticipate this project to be an exploration, we intend to be open ended with our process of making, planning, and creating together, with no fixed outcomes.

The overall theme of the project has been inspired by the location of the bank. The students intend for audience members to feel that they have been transported into an alternate banking encounter, drawing upon the idiosyncrasies of the building to playfully explore our conventional understanding of the corporate world and social conventions.

The exhibition will be spread out into two weeks with various artists to further represent the idea of two alternative realities

First week artists: Chloe Howell, Delia Rainone, Ellie Bugbee, Nina Wong, Dien Berziga, Huiyue Zhang (Ada), Zixin Yan (Mary), Evelina Volosina, Trixie Collins and Abi Pert.

Second Week: Jiayi Li, Evie Maitland-Wood, Natasha Cook, Jessica Jennebach Varela, Dien Berziga, Huiyue Zhang (Ada), Zixin Yan (Mary) , Evelina Volosina, Trixie Collins and Abi Pert.

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