Artist-led Exhibition

Beyond The Red Tales

Beyond The Red Tales

16th Feb 24 -> 29th Feb 24

12PM-6PM MON-FRI (except for Wednesdays)


Psychonaut TheatrePsychonaut Theatre

In Ancient Rome, it was commonly believed that a menstruating woman could wither flowers, dull mirrors, kill bees, trigger extreme weather, cause miscarriages in horses and humans, sour crops…

In Beyond The Red Tales, Psychonaut Theatre present a multidisciplinary exploration of the myths and superstitions surrounding menstruation, through different cultural and social lenses. The work aims to collectively and creatively interrogate superstitions that have been passed down through generations, which all contribute to the taboo nature of menstruation. The exhibition invites visitors to imagine a world where such myths were true, and to immerse themselves in the social concepts that have been tying women down for centuries.

Containing artwork by Psychonaut artists Francesca Fatichenti, Lavinia Grippa, Eva Mateos Rodriguez and Arielle Zilkha, the responses take various forms, including photography, mixed media, installation, film and painting. Some of the work delves into the ostracising effects of society on women, whilst others explore the absurdity of century-old myths through a modern-day lens. The exhibition will begin with a durational performance that will introduce the concept of intergenerational superstitions, culminating in a final event celebrating womanhood and menstruation.

Psychonaut Theatre is a London-based multidisciplinary, experimental performance collective made from international artists and theatre-makers. Their projects so far cover a range of mediums and disciplines, from a live performance installation at Tate Britain, to a public response piece covered by Vogue, to classic theatre performance. They have since developed their own unique performance style, creating live events that merge a contemporary aesthetic with an awareness of theatricality. Alongside raising key questions about theatre and performance, their work displays a strong commitment to telling stories about the issues that matter to them, both as people and as artists.

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