Abstract Fabric Collage Painting Workshop

Abstract Fabric Collage Painting Workshop

30th September 23



Abi OlaAbi Ola

Join us for an exciting abstract fabric collage painting workshop hosted by Abi Ola, as part of the OPEN CELLS Residency at the Station in Hampstead. Abi’s unique approach will inspire you to create abstract fabric collage paintings on canvas board, while exploring the theme of family and its significance in your life.

Workshop Details:

Date and Time: 30th September 2-4pm

Location: 56 Downshire Hill NW3 1PA (main entrance on Rosslyn Hill)

Workshop Objectives:

Learn how to create fabric collages and acrylic paintings & discover the joy of buying textiles locally to support your community.

Workshop Schedule:

Icebreaker (10 mins): Start by introducing yourself to fellow participants, fostering a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Artist Introduction (5 mins): Abi Ola will present her art practice using a visual PowerPoint presentation to give you insight into her unique style and inspiration.

Pattern Drawing (10 mins): Begin with drawing patterns on paper while enjoying soothing music to set the creative mood.

Fabric Collage (30 mins): Cut and glue fabrics onto canvas boards, guided by Abi Ola's demonstration of her composition techniques.

Hands-On (45 mins): Dive into creating your fabric collages on canvas boards. Abi Ola will provide individual assistance and guidance.

Refreshment Break (15 mins): Enjoy snacks and refreshments while socialising with fellow participants.

Acrylic Painting (60 mins): Abi Ola will demonstrate painting techniques on canvas boards, using acrylic paints inspired by your initial drawings.

Hands-On (45 mins): Continue painting your canvas boards with guidance from Abi Ola. She will be there to assist and encourage your creativity.

Wrap-Up and Evaluation: Reflect on your experience and provide feedback through a simple questionnaire to help improve future workshops.

What to Expect:

Take home your own unique canvas board artwork!

Learn the art of fabric collage and acrylic painting!

Meet other creatives!

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