The Koppel Project charity also provides individuals who seek retraining for re-employment, preparation courses for qualifications. These qualifications are recognised nationally and subsequently introduce candidates to a fresh pool of opportunities in the process of achieving new employment. These courses are offered free of charge.

The training method offered is designed to match candidates’ capabilities and delivers, in addition to the studying material, employability and motivating skillset. This particular method of teaching allows candidates to step outside their comfort zone, seek employment and therefore break the unemployment cycle.

Advancing education

The charity provides grants and bursaries to schools, colleges and other institutes of education towards meeting the cost of providing courses and facilities for such learning and studies.

Special emphasis is placed on those who are considered ‘special needs’. These activities facilitate the advancement of education for the public benefit.

Charity enquiries: laura@thekoppelproject.com

Address: 75 Maygrove Road, West Hampstead, NW6 2EG



Golf Fundraising

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Our Longest Day: 7 rounds of golf
Wednesday 20 June from 4.30am-9.30pm
Downshire Golf Club

St Vincent's Primary School

Auction Donation: St Vincent’s Primary School
Friday 15 June 2018 from 6.30 to 8pm
The Koppel Project Baker Street

Le Fix cocktails

Red Cross & Tiffany Circle meet Le Fix
Monday 12 February 2018 from 6-9pm
The Koppel Project Baker Street

Collecting funds

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Debra charity
January-February 2018 from 7.30-6pm
The Koppel Project Baker Street

Live Act by Lili Capelle

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CCLG Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group
Tuesday 8th August 2017 from 1-2pm
Leather Lane Street Market, London

The Natural Doctor

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The Natural Doctor hosting Dr Nyjon Eccles
Wednesday 18th October 2017 from 6:30-9:30pm
The Koppel Project Baker Street

Children Winter Fair

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Barrow Hill Junior School
Saturday 2nd December 2017 from 9am-6pm
Bridgeman Street London, NW8 7AL