Group Exhibition

Curated by Rebecca Marcus-Monks and Wyllie O Hagan

17 August 2017 – 16 September 2017

Private View: 17th August 2017, 6-8pm

The Koppel Project Baker Street

Place is security, space is freedom.


When space feels thoroughly familiar to us, it has become place.

Yi-Fu Tuan


Presenting artworks by Japanese and British printmakers, Poetry of Place illustrates an intercultural dialogue inspired by the experiences of the artists travelling throughout Japan and Europe respectively.

The exhibition explores the theme of place as the site of memories, and the bonding that occurs between individuals and their environments. Real or imagined, physical or symbolic, coming from the past, the present, or the terrain that lies between, places are depicted in diverse geographical and temporal locations, sharing a visual language that runs through different printmaking processes from lithography, etching aquatints, to relief and serigraphy.

Poetry of Place features, amongst others, the postwar creative print movement of sōsaku-hanga. This philosophy of total engagement enables artists to perform all aspects of production instead of consigning their designs to carvers and printers employed by the publisher as was seen in the ukiyo-e movement used for much of the 17th to 19th centuries.

This lyrical journey reveals various interpretations of the sense of place and offers visitors diverse experiential perspectives based on the personal visions and practices of the exhibited artists. A selection of song lyrics and poetry excerpts that are meaningful to the artists can be heard throughout the exhibition.

Artists included are Margaret ASHMAN, Yuriko MIYOSHI, Sara BEAZLEY, Masato NAGAI, Eleanor HAVSTEEN-FRANKLIN, Miyuki OKAWA, Michael KENNEDY, Yasuyoshi TOKIDA, Ros MORLEY, Yoshie UCHIDA, Stephen MUMBERSON, Kanako WATANABE, Clare O HAGAN, Katsutoshi YUASA, and Denise WYLLIE.


For press inquiries, please contact francesca@thekoppelproject.com.

Photo Credit: Chaira Dalla Rosa

Related events

tour with two teas


by Rebecca Marcus-Monks and Wyllie O Hagan

The Koppel Project Baker Street

30 August 2017 from 3pm to 5pm

Guided tour of Poetry of Place exhibition, led by the curators Rebecca Marcus-Monks and Wyllie O Hagan. The tour will be followed by a Tea Ceremony embracing both Japanese and British traditions of this ancient cultural activity.

Limited places available. Please make your reservation by email at info@thekoppelproject.com.

Limited places available | Please make your reservation on Eventbrite or by email at info@thekoppelproject.com.

Print Making Workshop


木版画 Moku-Hanga on 和紙 Washi

by Yuriko Miyoshi

The Koppel Project Baker Street

9 September 2017 from 11am to 4pm

Printmaking workshop on the Japanese tradition of Baren printing on Washi (Japanese paper) accompanied by a talk with the Japanese printmaker and papermakerYuriko Miyoshi, on the different printing methods showcased in the exhibition Poetry of Place. This workshop will introduce the participants to the traditional tools and variety of techniques used by the artists featured in the exhibition. Moreover, by using traditional ready-made woodcut plates, you will bring your personal printed Washi home!

木版画MOKU-HANGA is the Japanese traditional woodcut technique, well known as the 浮世絵Ukiyo-e printing; printing the blocks in relief with water-based ink using Yamato nori (starch paste), which is a reliable safe product made in Japan. Printing is not done by a press, but with a 馬連BAREN (traditional printing disc used for Moku-hanga).

和紙WASHI means Japanese paper that is commonly made from Kozo, 三椏Mitsumata or 雁皮Gampi tree using the traditional method of Japanese papermaking. Since its rarity, this traditional handmade paper is also registered as Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The workshop is open to everybody, but since resources are limited we recommend to book your place and time by email at info@thekoppelproject.com.

A contribution of £1 for one postcard of Japanese paper (10 x 15*cm) and £2 for W postcard of Japanese paper (15 x 20*cm) will be requested to take part in the workshop.

Limited places available | Please book your place in advance on Eventbrite.