Group Exhibition

Curated by Amelia Bowles

23 November 2017 – 12 January 2018

The Koppel Project Hive

Private View: 22nd November 2017, 6-8pm

“What is really needed in art right now is more attention to the texture of life.”

                                                                            Jonathan Lasker, 1993

How can the texture of everyday life, its ever changing pace and rhythm, be embodied through the materiality of an artwork? This question is at the heart of Notes on Painting and is diversely addressed through installation, text, diagrams, painting, photography and moving image. The works represented economise and dispense with the formal definition of ‘painting’, questioning its construction and modes of making. Translated through various material manipulations, the exhibition urges us to consider that painting requires actual experience. It further highlights paintings relationship to touch; a subject central to contemporary critique.

Notes on Painting is composed of artists working under varied approaches towards coded rhythms of abstraction. The non-representational works have evident mimetic qualities. Each artist communicates through unique systems of visual identities, sounding their own note in the melody. Different works in the exhibition can either activate or absorb their surrounding environment in which they are situated, evoking a dialogue between internal and external space.

The Koppel Project Hive is situated in the basement space of the office building. The complex map of conduits and cables that run throughout the building are grounded and controlled in the basement. These service lines are kept hidden throughout the building enabling it to function, mirroring the silent moments within an artistic process. Notes on Painting aims to look beyond preconception to discover the artists intentions through the materiality of the work.

The exhibition features artworks by Amelia Bowles, Honor Carter, Robert Davis, Moyra Derby, Fiona Grady, Callum Green, Benjamin Jones, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Hannah Luxton, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Charley Peters, Anna Salamon, and Andrea V Wright.

Download the press release here, or write to info@thekoppelproject.com for press inquiries.

Photo Credit: Rocio Chacon 

Related events

A Jazz Improvisation



19th December 2017 from 6-8pm

The Koppel Project Hive



“Artwork that is completely abstract, free from any expression of the environment is like music and can be responded to in the same way. Our response to line and tone and colour is the same as our response to sound, and like music, abstract art is thematic – it holds meaning for us that is beyond expression in words.”Agnes Martin

In response to this quote by Agnes Martin, Amelia Bowles has invited six musicians to visit the exhibition and return on 19th December for an evening of improvisational Jazz. Abstract means ‘drawn from.’ The musicians have been asked to respond to the repetitions and rhythms found in the works of art and the space they are situated within. The aim is to question the relationship between music and painting through actual experience.

Please join us at The Koppel Project Hive on 19th December from 6pm in the hope to create a unique evening breaking down and investigating the relationship between the structure of painting and music.

We are delighted to be joined by Dominic Pipkin, Matt Wates, Barnaby Wynter, Harry Baker, Peter Thickett, and Jordy Juritz.

For more information, please write to info@thekoppelproject.com.