11th Native Spirit Film Festival

Friday 20th September 2017 from 6-9pm

The Koppel Project Baker Street

Join us at the Koppel Project Baker Street for a Mezcal tasting, talk From Pulque to Mezcal: A New Spirit Emerges by First Food Residency artist Anne-Laure Carruth, and a very special screening of the award-winning documentary MAGUEY that follows the history and meaning of the Maguey plant for Mexico’s Indigenous communities, the Otomis and Nahuas, as they fight to keep their beliefs and traditions alive.

Dir. Francesco Taboada Tabone (59min. Otomi, Nahua & Spanish. English subtitles)

The Maguey plant, also known as ‘the tree of wonders’ is famous for it’s mysterious Pulque drink served in cantinas throughout Mexico. It’s sister spirit Mezcal is smoked and fermented in artisanal Palenques (distilleries) all over Mexico and now sells for huge prices in bars across the globe. Maguey Director, Francesco Taboada Tabone reveals a magical insight into the local people who harvest the revered Maguey plant and look after it.


11th Native Spirit Film Festival 12-21 October 2017
Full Programme and updates are on Native Spirit Foundation


For more information or book your place, please write to alexandra@thekoppelproject.com.