Studio Sarmite 


Thursday 19th September 14:00 – 16:00 

Mezzanine | The Koppel Project Central 

PineSkins is a material design project that aims to create alternative scenarios for the parts of the tree, that usually are left behind in the forest after the tree is cut.

One of such being the bark of a Pine Tree, which, through the actions of design, has been given a new value.

PineSkins invites people to slow down, experience the tactility and smell of the forest. Its natural texture prickles the senses – especially when walking barefoot on the bark rug. The bark pattern does not reveal all of its variety at first sight, but a closer look adds an element of surprise to the experience.

During the two-hour workshop you will learn about tree bark through your senses – touch, sent and sight. Furthermore, you will learn how to work with PineSkins bark and design your own mat with a personalised colour and finish. The workshop will teach participants to work with raw Pine tree bark that will be cut in the shape you decide on.

We will also mix our own pigments to finish the bark and create our own colour pattern. Finally, the piece will be waxed with a natural wax.

Sarmite grow up in Latvia, living in the countryside, she was always surrounded by nature and enjoyed many of Latvia’s rich traditions that involved nature. As a result it has become an important part of her life and, the focal point for her work.




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