Cecily Ophelia 


Friday 20th September 14:00 – 17:00 

Mezzanine | The Koppel Project Central 

Make your own ‘Bean Bag’ with Cecily Ophelia

Come along to this hands-on workshop with Cecily Ophelia, known for her ‘nutty’ creations which are entirely handcrafted out of entirely natural or recycled materials such as seeds, shells and nuts. During this workshop you will learn how to make a beautiful handbag using a beading technique Cecily learnt from craftswomen in Uganda. The twist is beans are your beads! Not only will you learn an amazing beading technique, which can be translated to many different applications, you will also come away with an original bag entirely handcrafted from nature.

All of the profits from the workshop will go directly into funding the projects Cecily is working on with Kanyogoa Mums in Kampala, Uganda, so they can continue to earn an income from their beautiful craftwork. Kanyogoa Mums group is an incredible group of women and single mothers from a large slum community in Kampala, who specialise in handcrafts as a way for them to earn an income and become financially independent. Cecily has been working with them over the past two years both teaching and learning from them. They helped her to hand crochet the pieces for her graduate collection and in return for financial support. She has been back since working on new projects.

Cecily Ophelia is a fashion designer recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. As a young designer, Cecily recognises the value of craftsmanship and sustainability, both of which are something she always seeks to incorporate into her work. Considering her own place in the creative renewal of the climate catastrophe we are faced with today, Cecily’s work is made primarily from recycled and natural materials. It is also the reason she places a large emphasis on the handmade. Valuing the process of time serves both as a therapy and a protest against the voracious cycle of the fashion treadmill, which weaves obsolescence into the very fabric of its garments. Cecily is interested in knitwear in particular as it brings about a whole creative process so that everything down to the very fabric of the garment is original. For her graduate collection ‘ETAKA’, Cecily worked with local craftswomen in Uganda and Rwanda who helped her create entirely handmade and hand embroidered garments.




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