Louise Ashcroft / Nicholas Abrahams / Nicholas Pankhurst

Curated by Hannah Thorne

15 July – 5 September 2016

Private view 14 July, 6:30pm

The Koppel Project is pleased to present ‘IT’S ALWAYS THE OTHERS WHO DIE’, a group exhibition featuring Louise Ashcroft, Nicholas Abrahams and Nicholas Pankhurst. ‘IT’S ALWAYS THE OTHERS…’ is a nihilistically hedonistic labyrinth of dark humour, antagonistic gestures and fragmented narratives. The title refers to the inscription on the grave of Marcel Duchamp, a provocative maker of meaning and meaninglessness.

The three artists exhibiting are working individually and collectively, united by their anarchic, experimental processes and tendency to mess around with the world, usurping existing codes and connections with their own playful constructs – whether that be through subversive actions in public space (Louise Ashcroft) or by transforming a film by Duchamp himself (Nicholas Abrahams and Nick Pankhurst). Incorporating video projection, screens, found objects and images, the installations presented immerse the viewer, like a fun house at the fair; evoking traditional forms of mass entertainment, such as music halls, clowning and mesmerism. It’s Always the Others Who Die is a collective funeral wake for the living; an uplifting apocalypse-party of absurd clutter.


Nicholas Abrahams has exhibited video work internationally, from the McMurdo research station in the Antarctic to Art Basel Miami. His two feature length collaborations with Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller (Our Hobby is Depeche Mode and The Bruce Lacey Experience) have been shown in galleries and cinemas around the world. He has collaborated several times with Icelandic band Sigur Ros, as well as making videos for bands including Stereolab, Cornershop, Leftfield, Manic Street Preachers, and Huggy Bear. He is a keen collector of vintage photographs. 


Louise Ashcroft studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art, and is co-founder of peer-led alternative art school AltMFA. She has exhibited and performed for exhibitions and programmes including the Tate School Programme (2015-16); Mount Florida Studios, Glasgow (2016); Re-making the Internet, MoCC and Exeter Phoenix (2016); EmbassyHACK, Government Art Collection, London (2016); #Neoliberation- The Self in the Era of New Media, Goldsmiths Cultural Studies (2015); Tremulous, Asylum Chapel, Peckham (2015); AltMFA Jamboree (month-long residency & exhibition at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects, 2015); Latitude Festival (performance curated by Robin Ince, 2014); The World & His Wife (solo show at David Hockney Gallery, 2014).


Nicholas Pankhurst received his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Arts in 2010. He has had numerous exhibitions, including Echange Ecossals at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2013); Club House at DavidDavid Gallery, London (2012); Function Room 2, Basement of Solché, London (2012); New Things Under the Sun, DKTUS Gallery, London (2011); and The Strawberry Thief, curated by Jeremy Deller at the Fine Art Society, London (2011). Pankhurst was the recipient of the Valerie Peston Award in 2011, The Parallel Prize in 2011, and The Chelsea Arts Club Award in 2011. He lives and works in London.