Group Exhibition

Curated by trans-

11 January – 22 February 2020

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm : Saturday 12 – 6pm

The Koppel Project Central

Private View: 10 January 2020, 6-8.30pm


A project of the trans- curatorial collective, Hold On is both a reflection on the ethics of the encounter and a critique of language, its mediums, and neoliberal strategies of communication. The acceleration of information exchange and the pressures of semiocapitalism constantly force our actions and attitudes into a punishing cycle of productivity, focused on short term stability, not sustainability. How do we envision our future from within this system? How do we channel our energies and desires into nurturing a healthy social body, rather than perpetuating an individualist fantasy?

Aiming to reverse the inherently isolating demands of capitalism, these Generation Y artists and curators, including Irene Adorni, Daria Blum, Rowland Hill, Dominic Till, Panicattack Duo, Ruby Wroe, explore collaboration as a healing and regenerative process, wherein alternative forms of resistance can flourish. From this specific generational perspective, the viewer is encouraged to join a public dialogue and experience the gaps between the conformation of norms and their reconsideration through various aesthetic, performative, audio, video, and visual interventions in the space.

Image Credit: Rocio Chacon


Irene Adorni (1990, Parma, Italy) graduated in the BA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Art of Bologna. After her graduation in 2016, Irene moved to London, where she started in 2017 a Master in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College of London. Irene’s research moves from literary and philosophical references (Bachelard, Deleuze, Grosz) to an interest in theories of quantum physics and psychophysics (Barbour, Penrose) and aims to investigate the theme of the relationship between two bodies, especially humans, and to investigate the world of possibility and how it can be represented.

Daria Blum (b. 1992 Lucerne, CH) works across performance, video, music, sculpture, installation, and drawing. She is a current student at the Royal Academy Schools, and graduated from Central Saint Martins after studies at Udk Berlin and KABK Den Haag. Recent solo presentations include: Utting Orners, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo (2019); and That Would Be Me, Il Colorificio, Milano (2018). Selected group exhibitions: Flashing and Flashing!, MAXXI Museum, Rome (2019); Eurofemmes, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga (2019); Art Night, London (2019); Cacotopia 03, Annka Kultys Gallery, London (2018); TBCTV, Somerset House, London (2018); Jahresausstellung, Kunstmuseum Luzern (2017).

Rowland Hill (b.1989, Leicester) is an artist based in London working across performance, moving image, text and sound. Drawing on a background in theatre and music, her work plays with sonic, gestural and choreographic regimes, often with a host of collaborators include dancers, composers, conductors and interpreters. In 2017 she received the Clare Winsten Memorial Award from the Slade School of Fine Art where she recently completed her Masters degree. Rowland is also the founder and co-director of Video Jam, an award winning platform described as ‘audiovisual masterminds’ (Time Out), dedicated to curating, commissioning and presenting moving image works with live sound. She has curated 45+ film programmes to date, working to commission with the Barbican Arts Centre, Wellcome Collection, Whitworth Art Gallery, FACT and Manchester Museum amongst others. In 2018 Video Jam won the People’s Cultural Award at the first Manchester Culture Awards and was featured in The Guardian’s unmissable culture.

Dominic Till (b. 1990, UK) is an artist whose practice has at its root a preoccupation with language. Informed by the use of words in political arenas, the media and everyday life, the artist has consistently looked at and dealt with power structures – using language not as the subject matter itself, but as a springboard to communicate wider ranging concerns surrounding social stratification, marketing, melancholy and longing. His work typically follows a sculptural process of layering, which unfolds across a variety of mediums, including photography, sound, sculpture and text. Till is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London (2017) and is a former artist-in-residence at Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop, London. Having exhibited both nationally and internationally, Till has shown work as part of Photo London at Copeland Gallery, London, worked collaboratively with Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool and has had book works shown at Tate Modern, London. In 2016 he was included in the XL Catlin Art Guide, as well as being a nominee for the Magnum Graduate Photographers Award in the same year. Till currently lives and works in London.

Panicattack Duo is an artistic and curatorial collective based in London, composed of Emily Demetriou (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Naz Balkaya (Istanbul, Turkey). Collaboration is at the heart of their practice which is used as a tool against the individualistic tendencies formed by commercialised structures. Their work and research evolve around the context of collectivity as resistance, the carnivalesque, alternative pedagogy, anti-institutionalism and activist theories. They explore these topics through the means of participatory performance, live art, sound art and photography. As well as through their curatorial practice, facilitating community engaging projects, workshops, exhibitions and round-table discussions.

Ruby Wroe Straddling an intersection of writing, performance and image making, Ruby’s practice uses the body as a sponge of social relations. She is currently working through ideas around autotheory, contemporary feminist discourse and the construction of subjectivity in the information age. Upon graduating from BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts in 2016, she was awarded The Jonathan Harvey Studio Award by ACME and the Technical Achievement award by Camberwell. She is currently studying on the MA at Slade and is a Sarabande Scholar.

trans- is a curatorial collective formed by Laura Callegaro (Venice, Italy) and Carla Gimeno Jaria (Barcelona, Spain). The Latin prefix trans- encompasses the meanings of “across”, “beyond”, “through”, or “changing thoroughly” when being combined with other elements. Trans- is conceived as a state which encloses our contemporary condition, while unhinging and re-thinking established patterns of behaviour. By acting as a catalyst and shaping intangible cultural gaps in nowadays’ digital and real panorama, this state triggers fluid dynamics which are being mediated through a social lens on our perception of the reality. Essentially, trans- establishes a framework for critical thinking, research and exhibition-making by working with artists whose practice questions the impact of the globalisation and semio-capitalism on the social body in different scenarios.

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Panicattack Duo & Daira Blum

Curated by trans-

22 February 2020, 5-6pm

The Koppel Project Central

Please contact info@thekoppelproject.com for more information.

The Koppel Project Central are pleased to announce that for the last day of Hold On there will be two performances scheduled by featured artists in the exhibition.


5PM – Daisies (2020), Panicattack Duo

Through ‘Daisies’, Panicattack Duo perform & share their own cultural divination practices. Throughout the sound piece Panicattack is trying to tune in to their female alternatives, whereas the choreographed actions are taking on the anarchistic attitude of film Daisies (1966), playing with exaggerated scenes of embodying excessive greed, spoiledness & the absurdity of our world. Disregarding a typical narrative, characterisation or visual continuity, the duo mirrors their antipathy for traditional social norms.


5:30PM – To Bean (2019) Diara Blum

‘To Bean’ (2019) is the artist’s insistent request for attention: ‘Look at my beans.’ From a tall, welded structure, Daria Blum demands the viewer consider what she has built and admire the tiny objects she has crafted—both form the framework for a performance in which she invites the audience to recognize and indulge in a common need for affirmation.

Please contact info@thekoppelproject.com for more information.