Group Exhibition

Curated by Gina Birch, Nicole Price, Rebecca Marcus-Monks

8 November – 14 December 2019

Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

The Koppel Project Central

Private View: 7 November 2019, 6-8.30pm


The Koppel Project Central is pleased to present Freeze-frame, Fast-forward, a show of works that ‘stop the clock’ at various points in the constant stream of moments which become memories and experiences, which in turn form the substance of our lives. ‘Freezing the frame’ allows us us some breathing room for reflection, analysis, and meditation. The show contrasts the fast-moving stream of our present-centred lives with the singular moments which give substance to the transitory. Reimagining history; catching the ephemeral; and weaving in political stories, social experiences and personal archives, the artists examine and respond to a variety of moments through highly individual approaches to a wide range of media.

Some of the works in the show approach the theme from a sociological/political perspective, others from a personal or retrospective angle. They also run the gamut of affective tools – from witty symbolism or gestural viscerality to contemplative framing and unexpected jumps between modes and dimensions. Freeze-frame, Fast-forward aims to discuss ways of reconciling the individual moment with the historical and the universal; past and future trauma with present laughter, and the fleeting nature of snapshot memories with the permanence of cumulative experience.

Image Credit: Rocio Chacon

Related Events



Thursday 21st November 2019, 6-8:30pm

The Koppel Project Central Mezzanine

Alongside our exhibition ‘Freeze-frame, Fast-forward’ we are excited to announce a mini-programme of complementary events taking place throughout November. On the 21st of November from 6-8:30pm The Koppel Project is excited to announce an evening of film screenings and talks with artist Gina Birch.

Gina, who is also a founding member of cult band The Raincoats – whose eponymous debut album is celebrating its 40th anniversary – has been painting and making video work and short films since graduating from art school. She will be screening two films – a rant against the patriarchy and a personal account of her time in The Raincoats. She will also be giving a small talk about her journey within the creative arts, and might even be persuaded to sing a few early carols, with a feminist post-punk spin of course!

Several of the other Freeze-frame, Fast-forward artists will also be in attendance to talk about their work, so if you missed them at the Preview this is the perfect opportunity to say hi.


Image Credit: Gina Birch, Tongues, 2019



Magda Kuca

Saturday 30th November 2019, 1-3pm

The Koppel Project Central Mezzanine

In conjunction with our exhibition ‘Freeze-frame, Fast-forward’ The Koppel Project is excited to announce that photographer Magda Kuca will be leading two Solargraphy workshops. Solargraphy is a  method of making an image using light and time (and an empty beer-can), capturing the movement of the sun and shadows as the world moves around the pinhole camera workshop participants will be creating during the session.

Subverting digital photography’s fast-paced ‘snapshot’ quality whilst still creating something that represents a specific time or span of time, the workshop explores ways of playing with time and memory, elongating the moment even as you ‘frame and freeze’ it. The workshop is free to attend, all you need to do is bring along the beer-can!

We will be running two sessions, one from 13:00 – 14:00 and one from 14:00 to 15:00. There will be a maximum of 10 participants per session and places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions please get in touch via facebook or email us at info@thekoppelproject.com

Magda Kuca is a Polish photographer currently based in London. She is interested in exploring cyclical nature of human rituals by utilising historical photographic techniques like wet plate collodion, exploring images and processes in the contexts of identity, memory and ethnological investigation. She teaches alternative workshops in historical photographic techniques including cyanotype, gum bichromate, anthotype, gelatin silver printing and others. 


Image: Magda Kuca, Solarograph – 6 Days Exposure, August 2017

Please contact info@thekoppelproject.com for more information.