Group Exhibition

Curated by Sally Gorham

30 May – 13 July 2019

The Koppel Project Central

Private View: 29th May 2019, 6-8.30pm


The Koppel Project Central is pleased to present Commixture, a group exhibition of emerging artists working across a wide variety of media, from paintings and installations to soft sculptures and digital animations. Each artist plays with their materials and methods to explore the relationship between themselves, their work and their environment. The works on display have been carefully selected by curator Sally Gorham to participate in a discussion between various mediums and styles of practice. The mixture of colourful and eclectic works aims to convey a sense of movement which infuses the exhibition with unpredictability.

Commixture aims to reflect how artists are continuously developing their style and identity,though a process of learning and un-learning. It highlights the dynamism and diversity of the contemporary art world which nurtures and challenges artists, bouncing them around like particles in a chemical reaction. Moving from the predictable structures of convention to a fluid and unstable matrix of catalysts, compounds and changes, forces artists to adapt their methods in order to form an effective and unique practice.

This is an exhibition of energetic and playful interactions, which will highlight the vibrancy of the multi-faceted world of contemporary art. Commixture offers a space for both the artist and the audience to investigate the role of dialogue and collaboration in artistic development.

Image Credit: Rocio Chacon

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M.Lohrum | Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart | Campbell McConnell | Sophie Popper

Wednesday 26th June 2019, 6-8:30pm

The Koppel Project Central

The Koppel Project Central is pleased to present a lively, music and dance filled evening of performance.


Featuring the work of four emerging performance artists this event will explore themes of embodied exaggeration, character creation, and the flimsy boundaries between the personal, the cultural, and the creative. Challenging our assumptions about what it means to ‘draw’, M. Lohrum will use her whole body as her stylus to create an in situ work. Also using herself as both instrument and material, Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart uses drag, set design, costume and sound to explore the slippage between performer and performed. Campbell McConnell and his backing band will also look to the interplay of pop culture and identity to address the idiosyncrasies of both through costume, music and absurdist humour. Sophie Popper’s work continues the theme of reflecting on exaggerated lives and the too-pat campiness of constructed identity through the use of pun filled narratives peopled with invented characters.


This promises be an action-packed, laughter-filled and thought provoking evening of eclectic responses to the artistic, the cultural and the personal.



Please contact info@thekoppelproject.com for more information.