85° comes to London

10th – 14th October 2017

The Koppel Project Baker Street

85° is the mean of degrees of latitude and longitude that covers the Latin American territories.

The fashion brand is a bridge between these 85° of cultures and Europe. The concept store based in Paris introduces a curated selection of contemporary design from Latin America that merges craftsmanship and sustainability. We value working with designers who are conscious of their surroundings, who are dedicated to a timeless vision of luxury, and together, we celebrate the exchange of knowledge they practice with their craftsmen and women, and their studio.


The event

85° Paris sets up its first pop-up in London generously hosted by The Koppel Project and Ishkar. This evening launch is the opportunity for the public to discover a range of curated objects: handmade jewellery and outfits made by contemporary Latin American designers. Come see the story that each piece has to tell!


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